emerson ceramics

I am an interior designer who loves art of all kinds. I am naturally drawn to the rustic quality of mid-century macrame and fiber art, but wanted something more modern and minimal for today's interiors. Needing accessories simultaneously durable, complex and adaptable to use in residential and commercial projects, I turned to making my own pieces.

Each piece takes several weeks to build and can be fired in the kiln anywhere from 2-6 times! I use only unglazed stoneware and porcelain and every single link is formed by hand. The rigid quality of fired clay contrasts beautifully with the flexibility and delicate look of chainmail. The pieces can be moved and hung or placed in different ways to create alternate moods and viewpoints.

I named them after my daughter Emerson in hopes of leaving her something beautiful to treasure in her home forever. I hope you love these pieces as much as I do!